About Us

Be beautiful from head to toe with the JERGENS® moisturizing collection.
Beautiful begins with skin.

JERGENS® moisturisers are uniquely created to make a beautiful difference to your skin—a difference you can actually see, feel and experience.

What started as a simple soap product in 1882 has grown into a full range of innovative daily moisturizers, creams, soaps and a facial moisturising cream.

Since 1901 JERGENS® has been dedicated to helping women of all ages achieve soft, smooth, beautiful skin. Skin which doesn't just feel its best, but looks its best too.

Every moisturiser in our collection is designed to enhance a variety of skin types and tones, whether you are looking to soften, smooth, enhance, visibly firm or improve radiance.

JERGENS® goes beyond the ordinary to reveal skin so beautiful that your unique beauty and charisma radiate from the inside out. We believe it's not enough for your skin to feel its best - it should look its best too.

JERGENS<sup>®</sup> Products

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