Jergens Daily Moisturizers and Lotions

Jergens Daily Moisturizers and Lotions

Jergens Daily Moisturizers and Lotions





Here at Jergens® Skincare, we believe making you feel good should go beyond just skin feel we want you to feel good about doing good for yourself, society and the environment! We want to continue to bring joy and comfort to your lives; that is why we are committed to delivering superior skin care while being ethically and sustainably responsible.

We take pride in being trusted from generation to generation, so we do our part to deliver the best products for you and your family while minimizing our impact on the environment we all love.





Pets are a part of our families too! Whether furry or scaly, animals deserve to be loved on not used for testing. That’s why at Jergens® Skincare, all our Western market products are cruelty free – meaning we do not test our products or the materials within them on animals. We follow the conventions of the EU and other governmental bans on animal testing for cosmetics. Occasionally, laws and regulations require testing of materials outside of the cosmetics category. Since the 1980’s, Kao Corporation has been actively working together with industry associations and relevant third parties to find robust alternatives to animal testing which have been successfully adopted as international guidelines.





Our goal is to bring you the best products with superior technology and that starts with safety. We set the highest standards to ensure every material and finished formula meets industry standards for purity, quality and performance with no exceptions. We are constantly evaluating and refining our formulas based on emerging science to ensure they are safe for your skin and safe for the environment. We are working to improve biodegradability of formulas, elimination of environmental pollutants and even removal of all parabens by 2025. Our fragrance philosophy places the utmost importance on research, analysis, assessment and transparency. Our in-house team of experts is dedicated to safely creating fragrances that provide you with the feel-good feelings and comforting memories. That’s why our formulations are compliant and backed by safety data and meet the guidelines of the international fragrance association (IFRA).

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