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Our NEW JERGENS®  Oil-Infused Skin Firming Moisturiser contains Seaweed Extract and Centella Asiatica Extract - Natural, botanical elixirs high in collagen and elastin to assist skin firming by improving texture and restoration of skin elasticity.


Your most beautiful skin starts with our JERGENS® Ultra Healing® Moisturiser, reformulated to go beyond healthy to beautiful. Guaranteed.


Our JERGENS® moisturisers are reformulated with an illuminating HYDRALUCENCE blend, to bring out your best skin yet—in just seven days. Are you up for the challenge?


Achieving beautiful, natural-looking colour that's just your shade is simple with Jergens® Natural Glow® Moisturisers. Each of our premium formulas is clinically proven to gradually deliver the optimum amount of colour to enrich the appearance of your skin.

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