Updated as of July 25, 2017

Consumer Warning Regarding Counterfeit Lotion

The safety of our consumers is our top priority at Kao USA Inc. and we are committed to manufacturing products that not only meet, but exceed, the highest industry standards. All Jergens® products purchased by retailers directly from Kao are authentic, high quality and safe to use.

Kao is warning consumers about counterfeit lotion that has been sold in some retail locations. To date, the counterfeit product has been located only in the Northeastern United States. This counterfeit product is falsely labeled as Jergens® Ultra Healing® 10 oz. & 21 oz., Jergens® Original Scent 21oz, and Jergens® Soothing Aloe 10 oz. & 21 oz.

Because counterfeit items labeled as “Jergens” are not Kao products and are not subjected to our rigorous quality control, we cannot guarantee the performance or safety of these counterfeit products. Without proper quality control to ensure the right formulation in each product, the counterfeit item may seriously put the safety and health of consumers at risk. Only a small number of counterfeit products has been identified by our Consumer Care Center and Quality teams. While we have not received any reports to date of adverse health effects or injury, consumers, particularly those with impaired immune systems, should be careful not to use the counterfeit lotion.


  • The counterfeit manufacturer has replicated or removed the Lot Codes on the back of the package.
    • Falsely labeled Jergens® 10 oz. Ultra Healing® (Lot Code X0G30055)
    • Falsely labeled Jergens® 21 oz. Ultra Healing® (Missing Lot Code)
    • Falsely labeled Jergens® 21 oz. Original Scent (Lot Code X0G13154)
    • Falsely labeled Jergens® 21 oz. Original Scent (Missing Lot Code)
    • Falsely labeled Jergens® 10 oz. Soothing Aloe (Lot Code X0G30615)
    • Falsely labeled Jergens® 21 oz. Soothing Aloe (Lot Code X0G11144)

  • In some cases the Lot Code Area is hidden with a False UPC Sticker
  • Most noticeably, the discovered counterfeit product has a thin, watery consistency, unexpected or unpleasant texture, color or odor
If you have any of these lot codes on your products or suspect you may have purchased counterfeit product, please discontinue use, retain the product and contact the Kao USA Consumer Care Center at 1-800-742-8798 or consumer@kao.com.


A notice is being sent to all Kao USA’s retail customers in the USA alerting them to the presence of counterfeit goods in some markets and requesting them to remove counterfeit products purchased from unauthorized sources from their shelves and cooperate with us in our investigation to identify the source of the counterfeit product.

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