JERGENS® Natural Glow®
FACE Daily Moisturizer SPF 20 Tips


Tips to get a perfect healthy summer glow

Choosing the right shade

How to apply JERGENS® Natural Glow® FACE Daily Moisturizer Sunscreens

  • For best results exfoliate before your first application using an exfoliator that is not oil- based. This helps to slough off any dead skin and will help to ensure natural-looking even color. Oil-based exfoliators may inhibit color development.
  • Apply to freshly cleansed face.
  • Smooth on evenly, blending into jaw line and hairline, and avoiding eyebrows.
  • Rinse excess residue from palms, fingertips and around nails.
  • Allow several minutes for the product to dry and begin working before applying other facial products.
  • JERGENS® Natural Glow® FACE Daily Moisturizer Sunscreens are lightweight, oil free, non-comedogenic, dermatologist-tested and are specifically designed for use on your face.
  • If the results are not as noticeable as desired, apply product more frequently.
  • For best results do not exfoliate more than once a week.

What to expect

  • JERGENS® Natural Glow® products work with your skin’s chemistry to deliver unique results. Allow 3 to 10 days for the color to develop into a healthy summer glow.
  • JERGENS® Natural Glow® FACE Daily Moisturizer Sunscreens provide SPF 20 sun protection. For prolonged sun exposure, re-apply a sunscreen product every few hours.
  • For optimal color development, allow 4 hours before exercising, swimming and showering.
  • Some experience an unfamiliar scent. This scent is your cue that the product is working.
  • An off-color tone may indicate that you are using too much of the product. Try using the product every 2 to 3 days instead of daily or switch to a lighter shade.

Maintaining your skin glow

  • Use JERGENS® Natural Glow® FACE Daily Moisturizer Sunscreens on a daily basis to get a full shade of natural-looking summer color.
  • When you have reached your optimal shade you can continue using daily or use every other day to maintain your color.
  • The formula darkens the top layers of your skin so daily use will deliver a natural, uniform color and tone.
  • Skin color will fade over time if you stop using the product regularly because of your body's natural skin exfoliation. Your skin tone will return to its natural state in about 2 weeks.
  • If you have any unwanted color on your skin, it will wear off in a few days or you can use a facial scrub to help remove it.

JERGENS natural glow Healthy Complexion Daily Facial Moisturizer with SPF 20

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