Dana Mooney, photo taken by Tracey Ayton Photography

Dana Mooney photographed by Tracey Ayton Photography

For the past two years Jergens® Skincare has partnered with Canadian artists to bring their art to life on Jergens® bottles. It’s a great opportunity to be able to highlight Canadian artists nationwide and also create something unique for everyone to enjoy. Get the same trusted Jergens® moisturizer, in beautiful Limited Edition bottles – available in stores now!

About the Designer

Dana Mooney is a self-taught artist and creative influencer based in Vancouver, Canada. Her background in makeup artistry and interior decorating paved the path for her to pursue a career of painting full-time.  Dana's goal with her art is to create something beautiful and personal for the client and their space, combining elements of fine art and interior design seamlessly integrate fresh, original, and dynamic artwork into a space. To achieve this, she uses layers of product including acrylic paint, ink, gold and silver leaf to achieve her signature look.

Dana Mooney Q&A

What was it like to create artwork for Jergens?  
Working with Jergens was such a fun and collaborative experience for me.  I loved having a team to bounce my ideas off of and get feedback on as I went through the process.  They were really clear with their vision, but also open and encouraging of mine.  I had so much fun and grew creatively as an artist during this time, and am so grateful for the opportunity!

What was the inspiration for the designs? 
The designs were all based on various styles of my artwork that I have made.  I tried to capture the different flavours of the Jergens lotions, and find individual colour palettes to bring them to life.  In the end, we agreed on 3 different style concepts; Leafy pattern, Ikat pattern, and landscapes.
Can you wrap your head around the idea of 'everyone' having your artwork in their homes?
No!  I am way too excited to see these in stores everywhere and in everyone's homes!  Honestly, it is a dream come true for me and I think it really aligns with my personal feelings about artwork as well.  I love how these are so attainable for everyone, artwork shouldn't be elite and it makes me so happy to think that so many people will be seeing my work, and choosing to put it in their homes because it speaks personally to them.  And of course knowing that I can inject some colour and style into so many homes makes me even happier.  

Of the designs, do you have a favourite? 
It's so hard for me to pick a favourite, but I'd say it's a tie between Soothing Aloe and Ultra Care.  I love the uplifting energy of the leafy pattern design and the colours are so fresh!

For more information on Dana Mooney and her art, visit her website.

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